LBYL Week 1

Welcome to Week One of your program!

You’ll find your agenda and both recordings for your programs below:



      • Introductions (All calls are recorded and available to people who purchase the program)
      • What to expect with your program:
        • Fun and Energy
        • Overview of Emotional Vibrationals and Slowing down your boat
        • New relationship with your body that brings more joy, fun and giving yourself a break
        • New relationship with food that creates trust and enjoyment
        • Creating a regular exercise program that works for your lifestyle
      • Web site overview:
        • Workouts page
        • Body You Love
        • Next Level
        • What to Eat
        • Resources
      • Letter from your body
      • Create a New Definition for your health and fitness and living into a body you love and post below
      • Prepare for Fitness Success: Routine, Home, Self
        • Routine: Exercise Game Chart (Click Here)
        • Self: Detox
      • What is your intention for this program and what color are you planning to be by next week?
      • Transformation Practice:
        • Shake exercise
        • Transformation
        • Mirror practice: Seeing Source inside you
      • Home Actions:
        • Prepare for Fitness Success:
          • Decide what days and between what two daily routines you will workout. You can post your accomplished workouts on your private Fac
          • ebook page and stay in touch with your community.
          • Purchase any fitness equipment or clothes you need
          • Go through your kitchen as if you are living in a body you love and take out or rearrange anything that doesn’t serve you
          • Purchase the “Juicing for Fat Loss” (Or other detox program)
  • Start slowing your vibrational boat down by saying things like: “Everything changes” or “What if living into a body I love can be easier than I think” or “Today, at this moment, I’m giving myself a break”. Relax and give yourself a break from the stress of “trying” to make it happen.
  • Post on FB often to let us know how you are doing, give us any insights you may have or support someone. Add me to your friends and I will add you to our private page. Go to: Please have at least one check-in post or more by Saturday.
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