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Tired of the yo-yo exercise cycle that keeps you out of shape? 
It’s Time To Get Inspired & Stay Inspired to Exercise! 

What if your next exercise program….

  • Saved you time and set your mind, body, and spirit to an optimal state in one 20-30 minute session!
  • Gave you strength to make it thru life’s challenges with greater ease!
  • Increased your energy so you can more fully participate in life! 
  • Left you feeling amazing confidence knowing you look and feel your best and it shows!

Right now it may be hard to stick with an exercise program! You get too busy or you just can’t seem to get and stay motivated. Your work or family always come first and there’s never time for you!

You always think you’ll make time for it later, but it never happens. Sound familiar?

It’s frustrating when you know you want to feel better about your health and your weight, but no matter what you try it just doesn’t work. You might even believe that exercise doesn’t work for you!

You’re not alone!

fitpro_transbackI’m Michelle Melendez, and I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996.  I’ve trained thousands of women all over the world to feel great and look great in their bodies. My members not only get fit but change the way they feel about exercise and themselves.

Discover How Quickly YOU Can Get Fit While, Boosting Your Confidence Following My Unique Training System Not Available In Other Fitness Programs.

My programs are designed to train both the body and the mind. That’s the secret to getting a body you love!

I’d love to help you get started with my Get Fit Program!



In This Program You Will Get Fit In 5 Easy Steps…

Step 1: Prepare for Fitness Success: Discover 4 things you MUST prepare for or your fitness program could fail!

Step 2: Train for Your Body Type: Discover how to train for your body type so you FINALLY get the results you want!

Step 3: Exercise Practices Filmed All Over The World: Tone your body and lift your mood with workouts that harness the power of positive affirmations (Unlike anything on the market today!)!

Step 4: Play A Fun Motivational Exercise Game: This game was designed to keep you on track and motivated to workout! It’s a BLAST and Exclusive to this program! 

Step 5: Stay Motivated Monthly Calls: Set your monthly fitness goals with me be inspired and charged up to reach them! (Includes special motivational practices you can do in less than a minute to stay on track!)

Plus, to help with the most common ways women sabotage their fitness results, I’m including this amazing bonus:

three-weeks-graphic-pic_halfBONUS: Three Keys to Stay Inspired To Exercise No Matter What (audio)!

This is a must learn if you’ve ever sabotaged your exercise efforts!

Discover how to easily get on a regular exercise program and make it fun!

Do you think that’s impossible? Try it for 2-weeks and find out!

This program is designed for 2 purposes…

Let’s Get You Going and Keep You Going!

What would your life be like if you worked out regularly and it was EASY to fit it into your schedule?

That’s possible for you!



Proven 4-Step System to Your Get Fit Program:

Click on each bullet below to know more about your program steps:

STEP 1: Prepare Fitness Success!
STEP 2: Train For Your Body Type
STEP 3: Exercise Practices Filmed All Over the World with Positive Affirmations!
STEP 4: Stay Motivated By Playing a Fun Exercise Game

Here’s What Makes This Program Work:


Woman CallingBi-Monthly “Get Fit” Accountability Call!

Accountability is crucial to the success of any fitness program! With your Get Fit membership, you’ll join me live every other week for a “Stay Motivated Accountability” coaching call to get you on track and keep you there!

VERY few fitness programs offer live personal support!


I’ll be there for you every other week helping you…

  • Set up your monthly goal!
  • Get excited to exercise!
  • Discover inspiring ways to get fit no matter what your schedule!
  • Increase your emotional energy so you feel GREAT after each call!
  • Learn how to get the best results with your workouts!

It’s time to make getting fit fun! We’ll do it together! I’ll show you how!

Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising

“Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising at least 5 days every week. It’s starting to feel like a vital part of my life again and I’m loving that.”

Anita Breeze


Anita Breeze


Your “Get Fit” Community

You’ll belong to a private member site with even more resources and support and an exclusive Facebook community where you can check in with me and other Get Fit women DAILY!

Start to see, not only how your fitness sisters are firming up and getting healthy, but how the affirmations in your workouts are transforming lives!

You’ll love being a part of a community that has your back and wants to see you succeed!

 To create a solid foundation for your health, vitality, and fitness, I’m adding this important bonus:


Three Keys to Stay Inspired To Exercise No Matter What!  (video and audio $54 value)

three-weeks-graphic-pic_transparentHow long have you struggled to get fit?
Are you ready to make it last?

In this video and audio bonus you will discover:

  • Why getting and staying fit has been so hard for so long!
  • The 3 Simple keys you can do now to stay motivated no matter what!
  • Freedom and joy that you CAN be fit and STAY fit!

My BIGGEST advice to you if you’ve been struggling to get fit is…Don’t join a gym or get on another exercise program without some internal guidance and support! You’ll only set yourself up for failure…AGAIN!

Don’t you think it’s time to go deeper?


You can do this, Michelle is there for you!

“Before this program I had little to no motivation to get healthy. I had gotten so used to being fat that I almost gave up on myself. Michelle has also opened my eyes to the idea that healthy living isn't just necessary, it's enjoyable. I would recommend this program if you struggle with motivation to be healthy and fit, if you have a hard time finding something positive and/or encouraging about yourself, and if you are finally ready to see yourself as the sexy, strong, confident woman you want to be. You can do this, Michelle is there for you!”

Michele Kiefert


Michele Kiefert


dollarIf you’re like many of my clients before they come to me, you may…

  • Be tired of needing to start yet ANOTHER fitness program!
  • Have an expensive membership at a gym you never use!
  • Have spent $1,000’s of dollars on exercise machines that gather dust!
  • Be looking for something different that offers more than just exercise!

I Created This Program To Be Affordable, Accessible, Easy And Fun!

It’s time to stop spending tons of money each month on gym memberships you don’t use! With Get Fit, you can workout ANYWHERE and have an accountability program that keeps you on track!

Plus, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded women who have your back! Oh Yeah!

It’s Not a Mistake You Found me! If I feel like the Right Trainer For You,  Join Me!


No Risk Reservation Form

Yes, Michelle, I’m Ready to Get Fit!

I know my program includes: 

Program Features
Get Fit!
monthly program
Month To Month 
(cancel anytime)
Prepare For Fitness Success Proven System
Discover How To Train For Your Body Type
Exercise Library with Positive Affirmations Filmed All Over the World!
Motivational Exercise Game (Ap coming soon!)
Private Member Site and Facebook Page
3 Keys to Stay Inspired to Exercise No Matter What (video and Audio)
Accountability Coaching Call With Michelle Melendez



Get Fit Membership
1-month Session: $64
Intro Special: $47/mo 
NO RISK: 2-Weeks TRIAL! 
(Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.)
Enroll Here visa_mastercard_paypal_

Peace of Mind Guarantee:

I believe you’re going to LOVE my programs so I’m giving you a 2-week trial! I’ll take all the risk to get you started!

Sign up for your Get Fit program and if it’s not a match for ANY reason, let me know and you pay nothing! =)

If you know I’m the right trainer for you, try out a program! You have 14-days to check it out RISK-FREE!

Come workout with me and see what law of attraction workouts can do for your body and soul!


Do you have questions?

CallCall me: 1.866.339.4438!
I do my best to return calls within 24-48hours. Unless it’s the weekend.

EmailIf you want to email my email is:
Please add: “Program Question” in the subject line so I can get to you quickly!


Read What Clients Are Saying About Get Fit:

I have release 16lbs and am loving it!

“I’ve been working out now 3 x’s a week, have released 16lbs and am loving it! I attribute this change in my life to you and your program. I appreciate all you do and stand for and I wanted to thank you for your program!!! Thank you so much for the work that you do!”

Paula Marsh


Paula Marsh

I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT!

“I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT! I really appreciate the affirmations woven into the workouts!”

Laurel Jacobs


Laurel Jacobs

I feel so much more energetic

“This is day two of these workouts and I feel so much more energetic and awake and loving life!”

Anne Martine


Anne Martine

Your Get Fit program will take you through a fun fitness journey that gets you motivated to workout and keeps you inspired to reach your goals!

Are you ready to say, “Yes” to more energy, fun and a firmer body?

One thing I know to be true: if you keep doing the same thing over and over trying to get a different result, you’ll NEVER reach your goal and it will be VERY frustrating!

Try a program that gets into your cells and leaves you with more joy, love, health and healing in your body and discover what happens when you look in the mirror! =)

Your Fitness Sister,


Michelle Signature
Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996

P.S. It’s not a mistake you found me!

P.S. If I feel like the right trainer for you, try my program for 30 days risk free and start to feel the transformation your body and lift your mood!


Get Fit Membership
1-month Session: $64
Intro Special: $47/mo 
NO RISK: 2-Weeks TRIAL! 
(Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.)
Enroll Here visa_mastercard_paypal_
UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: You have 2 weeks to try me out! You will not be billed until the 31st day of your program. Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee weight release success. However, when you work these principles, our clients have created a body they love and a life of more ease, joy, and abundance! You CAN do this!
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