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Live in a Body You Love!

The Live in a Body You Love yearly program is for you if you’ve struggled with your weight for 2, 5, 10 years or MOST of your life!If you’ve ever felt like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works, try a program that starts from the inside out! You’ll LOVE your results!
You’ll discover:

  • Your Emotional Addiction that keeps you struggling with your weight
  • Easy and SUPER Fun practices to release your emotional addiction
  • Simple nutrition plans that make your meals yummy and QUICK
  • How to live in a Body You LOVE!
  • So much more!

Get Fit and Detox

If you want Lasting Change with your health and fitness, the Get Fit and Detox 12-Week Spring Challenge is the PERFECT program to get you there! Let’s do this-TOGETHER!
Are you ready to…

  • Learn how to released 15-20lbs in 6-weeks?
  • Release Sugar and other food addictions quickly and easily?
  • Have the support you need to create a fitness and nutrition plan that work for YOUR BUSY LIFE?

Let me teach you how much fun getting fit and staying fit can be! =)

I’ve been training women since 1996 and there is nothing on the planet I’d rather do! I’m so grateful to the Hundreds of women I’ve trained around the world who’ve allowed me to do what I LOVE! Thank you!!!

If you’re ready to train with me, I hope to either see you in Hawaii or hear you on one of our live calls!

Give me a call if you have any questions and want to chat!


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To your health,

Michelle Melendez

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Michelle Melendez – Fitness Expert Since 1996

P.S. What would your life be like if living in a body you LOVE was easy and fun? If you’re not sure, join me and find out! =)

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