3 Keys to Overcome Procrastination

#1 Thing That Keeps Most Peeps Out Of Shape (drum roll please) Procrastination!

Busy WomanHave you ever said:

  • “I’m too busy to workout.”
  • “I’ll workout it tomorrow.”
  • “OMG! My exercise program has started and I’m late. I’ll skip it.”

Procrastination can keep you from getting fit FOREVER!

When you think about it, you really don’t “have” to workout. I mean, it’s not making you money when you workout. Your house isn’t getting cleaned when you workout. Your kids aren’t being taken care of when you workout. So why do?

You know why!

Exercise gives you…

  • More Energy
  • More Self-confidence
  • Better clarity
  • Firmer muscles
  • Better posture and strength
  • Better ability to better deal with stress
  • And so much more!

The list is long of what exercise does for your body and quality of life!

Do you know how your body would look and feel if you worked out 3-4 days a week for the rest of this year?

It’s time to stop saying things like, “I need to get in shape!” Here are some helpful tips to get you going and keep you going!

3 Keys to Overcome Procrastination:

#1 Get excited that you GET to workout!jump

Like I said earlier, you don’t “have” to workout! When you think about exercise, think of all the things it will do for you and GET EXCITED to have that!


Think of how you will feel having a firmer body, more energy, less stress and let the excitement to have that motivate you to get to class, do an online workout, or get moving outside.

#2 Get Curious about your workout!

This one is really fun!

If you’re doing my online “Get Fit” program think, “I wonder what workout I’m going to choose today and where it will be in the world and what affirmations Michelle is going to have me say.”

In my online program, there are workouts filmed in Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Alaska and more! So much fun! Get curious about seeing those places and the energy you’ll get from watching and listening to positive affirmations in your workout! You can take a look at the program by click here!

If you’re not doing my program, get curious about the workout you’re going to do or an activity you can do outside or inside that will get your heart rate up.

Curiosity is POWERFUL when comes to being inspired to do something!


Okay, this one is REALLY important and easy to do!

If you’re doing my online program, have your clothes out and ready and your exercise area cleaned and ready to go the night before! Even choose the workout you’re going to do the night before! Then, get excited about doing it the next day! =)

Before you go to sleep do keys #1 and #2 and then relax. When you’re alarm goes off, get excited to get to class or turn on your computer and workout!

Last thoughts:

Don’t give yourself an excuse why you can’t get to class or do an online workout. You want to be fit! You want to feel good in your body! Guess what? You deserve that!

You are the mother of your body sweet friend. Yes, your mother gave birth to you and YOU, your spirit is the forever mother of the body you’re in.

Your spirit chose your body. It wanted to come and live in it and have a human experience. How are you going to take care of this sweet vessel that allows you to connect with others, experience joy, laughter, sorrow and all the emotions that come with being human?

It’s your choice. Time will pass regardless of if you workout or not. You get to choose to move your body toward more health and feeling good or away from health and feeling good with every meal and every workout you do or don’t do. 

As for me, I’ll keep holding the wish of good health, more confidence, energy and joy for you! Oh Yeah!

I hope you’ll use these keys to create a regular exercise program! It is sooooo worth it if you do! Uh huh, oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah! That’s my email dance for you. =)

I’m adding live coaching to my Get Fit program this month. Yep, we’ll be chatting live once a month and getting your workouts goals for the month set-up! Details to come! You can get 2-free weeks now check it out here!

I hope you’ll join me online or in class!

I’d love to hear how these tips came across for you. Feel free to post and let me know Women Getting Fit on FB click here

Your Fitness Friend,


Michelle Signature

PS I love this quote: “The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.” Kenneth H. Cooper, Yep!

PSS I hope you’ll take 2-weeks free to my Get Fit program! You’ll discover it’s more than just a fitness program. The program is designed to tone you up and lift your mood, so you can love your life! Check it out click here! 

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