Are You A Busy Woman Who Wants To Firm-Up But Has NO TIME To Workout?

Message from Founder Michelle Melendez
(Turn up your speakers )

Dear Busy Woman,

Does this sound like you?

  • You are busy! (The kind of busy that would impress honey bees.)
  • You are tired of feeling flabby!
  • You want firmer muscles but it’s seems to take too long to get them!
  • You wonder if the yo-yo exercise (starting and stoping) cycle will ever end!

If any of the above hit home, you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Michelle Melendez teaching her 9:15 a.m. Tuesday Pilates Boot Camp at the Los Altos

I’ve been a fitness instructor since 1996 and I have to tell you…there is nothing on the planet I’d rather do than teach fitness! I LOVE IT!

My specialty is strength training and endurance toning for busy women!

I have been helping busy women firm up for years and I’m thrilled at the chance to do the same for you! Oh Yeah!

Being Busy Doesn’t Mean Being Flabby…


When you put your name and email in the box below you’ll be able to download a pdf I created that will give you quick tips on how to start firming up NOW!

Download Your: 3 BIGGEST Keys To Firm Up FAST!

(Plus, Bonus Workout!)

Plus, I’m including a FULL body workout from my Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood workout series.

It was filmed in bali and is under 20-minutes!

This workout will start firming up every muscle in your body and…is super fun to watch and do!

I have to be honest…I’ve always felt that exercise DVDs are sooooo boring!


The ONLY way I was EVER going to create an exercise DVD is if I had FUN and the people who watched it did too!

That’s EXACTLY why I’m including this workout when you choose to join my community! =)

Bali ss

The workout you’ll be able to download is…

  • Fun and inspiring! (The kind of fun like when you were a kid and laughed until you almost peed :))
  • Quick (It’s under 20-minutes)
  • Proven to get results (This is the same workout I teach my live clients who are VERY fit ladies and some have been with me for over 13 years!)

When you put your name and email in the box above or below, you’ll be able to download this workout right away and discover the BIGGEST keys to Firm Up Quickly!

Are you ready to start feeling firmer in your body?

It can happen sooner than you think… Yep!

To your health,



Michelle Melendez-Fitness Expert

P.S. It’s never a mistake when you meet someone or find a web site you’ve been searching for. Nope! =)

P.S.S. If you are a busy woman who’s ready to firm up, how much longer do you want to wait?

Download Your: 3 BIGGEST Keys To Firm Up FAST!!

(Plus, Bonus Workout!)

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