Are You A Busy Woman Who Wants To Get Fit But Has
NO TIME To Workout?

Message from Founder Michelle Melendez

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Give these quick workouts a go and not only will you feel the strength and firmness in your ENTIRE body but you’ll feel more confident and joy than you have in a long time!

I’ve been filming workouts all over the world and wanted to gift new people who come to my site a couple of them to get you going and discover who I am! =)

I’m a personal trainer and transformational leader who is inspiring women ALL over the world to live Extraordinary lives in a body they love and I’m doing it one workout at a time!

I have personally looked through my workout library and chose the best ones that train your body and spirit toward more joy, fun and self-love.

When you put your name and email below, you’ll have access to them right away! I know you’ll LOVE these workouts!

Workout #1:

self acceptance

This is a full body workout with affirmations on Self-Acceptance and Confidence. It was filmed in beautiful Margaret River, Western Australia and really targets not only your upper and lower body but your emotions around self-love as well!

Workout #2:

Bali ss

This workout is another full body workout with affirmations on creating more fun, strength and joy in your life. You will LOVE IT! It was filmed in Bali and I was in sooo much joy filming this workout that the energy will transfer to you incredibly easily!

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Enjoy these workouts! I rarely edit as I teach the workout. That means if anything shows up in the background, it stays in and is usually pretty hilarious! Ha! =)

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“4 Unconscious Addictions That Keep You STUCK In Your Weight Loss Struggle and One SIMPLE Question to Make Releasing Weight EASY!”

This audio will shift EVERYTHING you ever thought about how to lose weight!

Isn’t it time get unstuck on your weight release journey so you can live in a body you love? I think so! Try my complimentary workouts and feel what’s possible for you!

“Nothing is Impossible.

The very word says, ‘I’m Possible’.”

Audrey Hepburn

It is my absolute pleasure to gift you these workouts and audio special training call. This world is changing sisters, for the better!

If you are ready for change in your life and body (and you are or wouldn’t be reading this) then download my complimentary workouts.

Start feeling good in your body and watch your life transform!

Much Love,



Michelle Melendez-Fitness Expert

P.S. It’s never a mistake when you meet someone or find a web site you’ve been search for. They are always on a vibration you’ve been asking for either consciously or unconsciously! =)

P.S.S. You’ll really love these workouts because even if you only do a few minutes of them, you’ll feel soooo good! It’s my pleasure to gift them to you!

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